Where is the conference being held?

Gros Morne National Park has several small communities within it, and the 2024 Fibre Conference will be centered around the community of Rocky Harbour and Norris Point. 

Some events might happen in other communities and we will update this information as it becomes available.

Participants are encouraged to stay in accommodations in Rocky Harbour or in nearby Norris Point. Rocky Harbour is about a 40-minute drive from the airport of Deer Lake. Deer Lake Airport is serviced by Air Canada, WestJet, and PAL Airlines.

The drive from St. John’s is about a 7 hour drive (non stop) in good weather. Normally we do not get snow that time of the year.

What do I need to bring?

One of the reasons the Fibre Conference is being held at the heart of the Gros Morne National Park is the vibrant and living tradition of working with wool in all of it’s forms…. that is a hint of what our weather is like. We need and use our wool clothes to keep warm! So get out those funky wools that you just don’t get a chance to wear at home – and enjoy!

  • Robust waterproof rain coat (we have wind here- light plastic ponchos get torn to pieces!)
  • Rain boots or shoes that keep water out
  • Warm sox
  • Warm hat
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Insulated layer (either heavy polar fleece coat, or if you come from a warm climate your warmest winter coat, or a down layer).
  • Slippers/sneakers to slip into and get out your wet outdoor boots
  • If you plan to hike, bring rain pants/wind pants too.
  • Hiking boots are good for our harder trails (Gros Morne, GreenGardens)
  • Sneakers will do you for our easier trail (Tablelands, GreenPoint, the Coastal trail, the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse Trails)
  • Don’t bother with an umbrella – the wind will destroy it.
What can we expect the weather to be like?

One thing on everyone’s tongue in Newfoundland – all the time – is the weather. We like to say “Wait five minutes and it will change!”

You should be here for our magnificent autumn colours!

But in mid September expect everything from +18 C (about 65 F) and sunny to -3 C (30 F) and freezing rain. It can be gorgeous, sunny and heartbreakingly stunning or cold, rainy and even snowy. Brrr.

We suggest you pack for cold & wet weather and bring decent rain gear. Throw in a tee shirt just in case we get lucky with warm sun!!!

What about facilities? Banks/Food/Medicines?

Rocky Harbour and Norris Point are small coastal outports with only very basic shop offers.

Norris Point has a small hospital and pharmacy and Rocky Harbour has a phamarcy

Both communities have small general dealers/groceries where one can purchase very basic food. We strongly suggest that if you would like to do some grocery shopping please do so either in Deer Lake, or in one of the many large towns between St. John’s and Rocky Harbour. For large grocery stores with a wide selection of vegetables and fruit, as well as ethnic foods and organic foods one must go to Corner Brook (1.5 hours from Rocky Harbour), or stop along the highway on your way in from St. John’s in either Grand Falls or Gander.

Shops and restaurants start closing at the end of September as the tourists drift away, so it is hard to say what will be open when you arrive for your visit. In Rocky Harbour and Norris Point a wider range of restaurants and shops should be open at that time of the year.

Rocky Harbour has a Bank of Montreal branch.

Deer Lake is where the airport is located, and is the closest community with grocery stores, and two larger pharmacies. The Bank of Montreal and Scotia Bank are found here and there is a dollar store. Fast food restaurants and hotels are plentiful.

I want to explore Gros Morne more. What else can I do here?

If you would like to extend your stay, check you the Gros Morne Fall Fest will be happening September 26th to 29th here in Cow Head and has both a Facebook and Instagram presence as well as the website.  We are still in the process of finalizing many of the events, and details are being added to the website and schedule as they are firmed up.

If you want to hike in Gros Morne Mountain, or any of the trails really, be prepared for extreme weather changes and make sure you bring clothes for cold and rainy weather (see above).

The trails in the northern part of the park, with the exception of Gros Morne Mountain, are flat and easy walks. The Gros Morne trail is a magnificent hike but give yourself a good 7-8 hours to hike this arduous route. Expect extremes of weather!

Everyone has to do Western Brook Pond trail, an easy 45 minute walk around the pond. Watch for caribou grazing the low lands around the trail and highway there. The Coastal Trail follows the sea shore. A circuit of short trails around the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse are certain to delight all, as they wander through fields, boreal forest, along cliff edges and down to rocky shores. This is a good place to see moose, gannets and maybe whales and eagles.

The southern hikes are just as magnificent and the landscape is very very different from the northern part of the Park. The Green Gardens Trail is one of the great hikes of eastern North America. It is long and difficult but rewarding, and the full loop should only be done by very experienced hikers. The Tablelands Trail is short and easy and totally surreal, but autumn wind can be a big issue on this trail. The short Lookout Trail winds its way up through forest to the best overlook in the park, which is up on the arctic barrens (do it! you may never get the chance again!). Look for caribou and moose when you reach the summit!

For more information about hiking and guided tours please a list of tours being offered as part of the conference is found elsewhere on this website. One can call the park at (709) 458-2417. Check out the websites of visitgrosmorne.com or that of Gros Morne National Park of Canada.

You can register for these tours as they become available on our website or you can plan an adventure of your own before or after the conference!

                                                                                                              QUICK TIPS AND LIST OF CONTACTS

                                                                                                                                        Deer Lake and Cormack area

The Humber River hiking trail is a relatively flat 10 km walking trail that is accessed from route 430 or the airport road in Deer Lake.

Sir Richard Squires Provincial Park (709.636.1509) - Salmon fishing, watching salmon jump (in season), short hikes, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing, boat rental.

Cormack Bee Company (709.765.0345 ) - Bees, honey and honey products, bee-keeping lessons, etc.

Rough Waters Brewing Co. (709.635.2017)

Crooked Feeder Brewing (709.635.5690 )

Upper Humber Settlement (709.215.4166 ) - farmstand with fresh, local produce and eggs.

                                                                                                                                  Rocky Harbour and Norris Point

There are numerous hikes in the Gros Morne Region and beyond, please use this website


Gros Morne Farm and Market Greenhouse - grosmornefarmmarket@gmail.com | 709.458.8308

Pharmasave in Rocky Harbour has a nice selection of local craft beers, and the Liquor store is generally well-stocked.

Local taxi (Ivan’s 709.458.7364 )

Bon Tours (709.458.2016 ) -You will have best luck participating in these tours and musical show if you book prior to arrival, they sell out in-season

Water Taxi to Woody Point and Tablelands                                                                                                                                                 


Buoy & Arrow (709.458.3400) - Pub food, vegetarian option.

Oceanview Dining Room and Pub ( 709.200.1650)

Jackie’s Take Out (709.458.2649) - Fish and Chips, Chicken, etc.

Earle’s Family Meals (709.458.3100)

Restaurants that Require Reservations:

Java Jack’s - 88 Main St N, Rocky Harbour - 905.875.8590

Chanterelle’s - 115 Main St, Norris Point - 709.458.2147

Black Spruce Restaurant - 7 Beach Rd, Neddie’s Harbour -709.458.3405


Gros Morne Paddlefest June 23-25

Harbour Lights Festival Aug 3-6, 2023

Gros Morne Theatre Festival

Writer’s at Woody Point Festival: August 16-21st

Anchors Aweigh Music Show: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 pm June to September



Rocky Harbour Pond
Gros Morne indoor swimming pool

Kayak / Hiking / Zodiak Tours

Gros Morne Adventures

SUP rentals / lessons and hiking

Gros Morne Outdoor Co.

E-bike rentals

M & M Adventure Sports Inc


Cow Head/Shallow Bay area (Northern end of Gros Morne Park)
White sandy beaches, beautiful for a day trip on a sunny calm day—perfect for kite surfing or wing kiting if that’s your thing!

                                                                             South Side of Gros Morne National Park: Woody Point and Trout River Area

This is where the Tablelands are and you can stand on the exposed Earth’s mantle please note that this is approximately an hour drive from Rocky Harbour.

Alternatively, you can take the water taxi operated by Bontours or hire zodiac transport from Gros Morne Adeventures.

Taste of Gros Morne (709.458.3131) - food tours and gourmet picnics.

Tour Gros Morne (709.746.3079 ) - hiking, culture, cuisine.

Swimming - Middle Brook Falls

                                                                                                                                                           Restaurants that require reservations

The Old Loft ( 709.458.2294)

The Seaside ( 709.453.2777)

Gros Morne Inn (709.453.7226)

October 3

Day 3: Workshops