Workshop Session 4: Intro to Backyard Fibre Processing

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Panel Moderator
Simone Le Blanc
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September 20, 2024
1:00 pm
50+Club – Norris Point
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Learn the techniques our great-grandparents used to produce usable fibre at home in an environmentally mindful and sustainable fashion. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the techniques used to process locally sourced fibre from farm, field and forage. With these techniques, you will be able to process fibres, on a small scale, in your backyard, balcony or basement. Together we will learn the steps in processing raw wool, flax and nettle into useable fibre for spinning or other fibre craft.

Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on activities, each participant will have the opportunity to work through the process of raw wool to usable fleece as well as hands-on experience of taking a retted nettle stock to ready-to-spin fibre.