Presentation: The Paradox on Invasives, From “Weed” to Fibre

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Panel Moderator
Juliana Bedoya
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September 21, 2024
9:00 am
Fisherman’s Landing Inn – Small Conference Room
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An invasive plant is defined by context. A plant considered a noxious weed for someone, can be medicine, weaving material or pigment for another. In many cases, plants considered invasive respond to opportunities created by human changes to the environment and end up outcompeting native species. But calling a plant “invasive” or “noxious” can limit us from discovering the gifts intrinsic to its existence, eliminating the possibility for a relational exchange. Using plants that are abundant, that need to be kept in check, and putting them to good use would allow us to access what those plants have and want to give, including medicine, food, fibre, colour and more.