Workshop Session 8: Block Printing with Natural Dye Mordants

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Panel Moderator
Thea Haines
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September 21, 2024
9:00 am
50+ Club – Norris Point
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Mordant printing is an ancient method of creating colourful patterns on cloth and is a wonderful, immediate way to work with natural dyes. In mordant printing, mordants are applied to cloth before dyeing. During the dyeing process, colourants from the dye adhere only to the mordanted areas of the cloth, creating patterned cloth.

This in-person workshop will focus on the technical fundamentals of mordant printing. Mordants will be applied to cotton bandanas using hand-painting and simple printing blocks. Participants will learn how to mix mordant pastes, fixation techniques, and dyebath preparation. Mordant prints will be dyed in dye baths prepared from locally foraged plants.