Workshop Session 7: Fibre Sculpture: Upcycled Textile Forms

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Panel Moderator
Rachel Miller
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September 21, 2024
1:00 pm
Lions Club – Norris Point
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In this engaging hands-on workshop, participants will immerse themselves into the art of fibre sculpture, creating their own hand-held exploratory pieces using upcycled fabrics, natural fibres, yarn, and twine. Our goal is to ignite creativity, nurture resourcefulness, and foster a deep appreciation for sustainable art through the exploration of traditional textile techniques such as coiling, looping, and netting.

This workshop serves as a starting point for participants to explore their creative potential through hands-on techniques while connecting with sustainable art practices. The emphasis extends beyond skill-building, focusing on personal expression and creativity. Join us in the exploration of fibre sculpture where tradition meets innovation in the realm of sustainable practices.