Workshop Session 10: Sculptural Needle Felting

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Panel Moderator
Elise Campbell
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September 21, 2024
1:00 pm
50+ Club – Norris Point
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Come enter the exciting world of needle felting and make a woolly mushroom with Elise Campbell. This workshop teaches: how the various preparations of wool can be used in 3D needle felting; the pros and cons of felting with different breeds of wool (including breeds grown in Canada/Newfoundland); and the necessary tools and their functions.

Participants will leave this class with not only a beautiful, handmade mushroom ornament, but also the skills and knowledge necessary to create well-crafted, 100% wool soft sculptures outside of the classroom. Students will learn 3D techniques such as: sculpting a solid core, minimizing needle holes, smooth transitions, and creating different shapes. Additional tips will include creating clean lines, needle angles, and ways to connect 3D felted pieces together.