Presentation: Unravelling the Threads of Heritage: A Tribute to the Art & Craft of Fibre as it Connects Us as a Culture

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Panel Moderator
Lori McCarthy
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September 21, 2024
2:45 pm
Fisherman’s Landing Inn – Small Conference Room
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Embark on a reflective journey along with me, into the profound significance of tradition and skill in fibre art, rooted in subsistence, storytelling, and intergenerational respect. Join me as we revisit a time when mending nets and weaving baskets were vital for community survival. Today, we, as custodians of these traditions, bear the responsibility to elevate and integrate them into our society, ensuring they thrive as part of our culture. Drawing on my dedication to our province, this presentation explores the essence of our heritage and the ongoing commitment to preserve and pass on these invaluable arts and crafts and to explore their place in our past, our present and our future.