Luncheon - Keynote Speaker Sissal Kristiansen

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Panel Moderator
Sissal Kristiansen
Owner / Knitwear Designer
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September 19, 2024
12:00 pm
Fisherman's Landing Inn
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The presentation will explore the crossing of tradition, sustainability, and storytelling in the world of wool, drawing parallels between the rugged landscapes of the Faroe Islands and the picturesque beauty of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Sissal Kristiansen has made her knitwear brand, Shisa Brand, synonymous with knitwear made with local Faroese wool with strong ties to the Faroese knitting and pattern culture. She will bring firsthand experience and expertise from the Faroe Islands, where a rich heritage of wool and knitting meets contemporary demands.

In her presentation, she will touch upon the following:

- How Shisa Brand integrates Faroese wool and knitting traditions into a contemporary brand, resonating with audiences worldwide.

- Why we should love our local wool and how can we embrace the coarser wool and the compelling narratives they carry, and the storytelling around that?

- The pivotal role of tourism in promoting and sustaining Faroese knitwear, showcasing the allure of authentic craftsmanship and locally sourced materials.